Julien Cohen

Design is important.

...even if you've never noticed it. The visual hierarchy of a thing informs how you perceive it, what it tells you, and how you use it.

I I've been designing since adolescence, and I apply the same rigorous, iterative creative process to visual design as I do to my engineering work.

Branding & Identity Design

Branding is the public face of any organization. The logo is its first impression.

I create strong brand identities through modern, sleek logos and logotypes. Order is pleasing to the eye, but it is the subtle application of disorder that makes a design great. I pay attention to the client's intent; what do they want this logo to convey?

Technically, each logo is designed to be printed in one color black/white, and resolvable at small resolutions.

• TENGoptics design group
• MStars (proposed)
• Wolverine Jiu Jitsu club
• Fast and Fit blog (proposed)

Vector Artwork

These are generally meant for printing on apparel. Large color blocks and a limited palette make them easy and affordable to screen print.

• Markley Residence Hall
• Student Book Exchange - Michigan
• Alpha Delta Phi
• Michigan Greek Week

Typography for Print

Ads, posters, invitations, and t-shirts.